Princess’s new toy

daddys girl phone sexDaddy got me a new toy! I have been trying really hard to be a good girl and today Daddy said that he had gotten me a present. I squealed and jumped into Daddy’s arms to show him how grateful I was and after a minute of kissing and touching he told me to meet him downstairs. I bounced down the stairs into our basement where all of our big toys were kept and Daddy was waiting for me with a big box tied up in a bow. He told me that after I removed all of my clothes that I could open my gift. It didn’t take me long to ditch my shorts and tank and was soon ripping my box open. There was my new toy- a personal fucking machine. I couldn’t wait to try it out! Daddy got the box open and all the pieces put together for me and I eagerly got down on all fours to try it out. Daddy strapped my hands and ankles down in the restraints and placed the cock at my already dripping entrance and told me to push back on the cock. OMG!!!!! He started the machine slow and then started increasing the speed; pretty soon I was nothing more than a sobbing mess. I had cum some many times that I couldn’t keep track. After an hour Daddy finally let my poor pussy have a rest. I was so worn out that I slept there on the floor in the puddle of my own cum. Daddy said that next time we use it that he is going to tape it and put it on the internet for everyone to see what a whore I am!

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