Princess Teen Shyla and her secret sissy

Hiya Secret Sissy! I had a blast with you today. You made your Princess Shyla smile today by telling all about your secret sissy side of you. I really enjoyed the pretty pretty pink panties with butterflies on them. 😉 *giggles* You looked so cute like a lil’ lap puppy poo when you were sitting on the floor licking my toes. But it was really fun how I found you hiding in my closet behind my pretty lil’ dresses and then caught you sniffing like a silly sissy puppy. 😛 *giggles* Whateva am I going to do with you, sissy ?! Well, sissy you leave me no choice but to put you over my knee like a naughty sissy, pull up your lacy skirt, push aside your girlie panty so I can spank your sissy fanny. 🙂 *giggles* It is so funny to hear you whine and whimper like a big sissy cry baby. Well secret sissy, I can’t wait to play with your silly panty fanny again. Xoxo’s from your Princess Teen Shyla!

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