Perfect Morning Phone Sex With Emma

This morning you touched every part of my body. Kissing me as if it were the first time. I starting levitating. I stood there kissing the middle of your chest, I love a man who is much taller than me. Strong with dark hair, the intense smell of you gave me chill bumps. I slowly knelt down pulling your pants down with me I wrapped my mouth around your dick dancing all over it with my tongue. You moan soft as you run your finger thru my hair I felt you all over me. You grabbed my face kissed me softly laid me down pushing your hands up and down the front of my body. You slide your big hard cock up and down on my clit, making my pussy drip! I want you deep inside of me. Its like you have me under a spell. Something so very rare. You push your dick deep in me and love me so hard, grab my legs and push them above my head staring me deep in the eyes while you explode deep inside me. Kissing me over and over. My perfect morning is complete!

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