PRINCESS PARIS on Spring Break

I am having so much fun on Spring Break. Like you are such a good lil’ sissy poo that it is pathetic! LOL! I know you are such a like good lil’ pet that carry my purse¬†around like a looser. But you are useful at getting my drinks from the bar while I am tanning out on the beach. Plus fanning me to cool down from the sun. You look a sissy poo pet in your pink lacy dress with white pantyhose and pretty glittery pink high heels. LOL! You must be sweating to deal like a lil’ fatty patty piggy wearing all of that. ūüôā Good, you need to loose so weight anyways¬†like because you can’t be that gross to hang around as my sissy poo pet. But you are nasty swelling since you are sweating like a piggy that no perfume can take that nasty ass stench away. Pee-you sissy. LOL! Why don’t you go be useful and fetch me a hose so I can like spray you off. But not so it can take away the smell but to get like everyone laughing their asses off at how you look so pathetic while I hose you down like a dumb ass. LOL! Then after that you can take my purse back to my room so I can hang out with these fine ass looking dudes with huge cocks. LOL!

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