Naughty Secretary Brooke gets off at work

I work in a huge company with lots of men. The work load is never ending since I have to keep serving all of the executives bosses I work for. I don’t mean just doing my job as their secretary but coming into their office and giving my sweet pretty pussy to them. I can’t say no because I don’t want to loose my job and I love getting off on their hard cocks. Who needs a boyfriend when I get all the dick I want at work. Its our little secret that no else needs to know and my bosses all love fucking me before lunch and right after company meetings. I love how they bend me over the desk and pound me hard. Plus I have one thing they all have to do if they want to fuck this pussy … which is that if they are going to cum they better do it in my mouth so I can swallow it. Don’t want to do anymore cleaning than I have to at the end of the day. I can’t wait til get higher up on the company, just one executor director at a time. I know I just need to fuck my way to the top of this company. Can I help you with anything Sir ?

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