Pretty Bike

I have a pretty bike. I wanted a Razor scooter soooo bad, I begged my Daddy for it! I said, “please, please, please, Daddy with a cherry on top and little candy sprinkles!” The thing is, the reason my Daddy was nervous about getting it for me is because it’s for grown-ups secretly. It looks pretty because it’s pink and it’s little, but it goes really really fast. I like to ride it without a helmet, too, and my Daddy gets so mad at me 🙂 sometimes he spanks me for it. Like sometimes, like last week for instance, when I fell and scraped my knee, he kissed it once. Then he took my fun scooter away. You wanna know what kind it is? It’s a special type called a Pocket Mod. The scooter’s name is Bella because that’s the model that it is. I love my scooter 🙂 It’s so fun to ride and I really do try to be safe on it, I swear! It’s sparkly because I put some stickers on there that are shaped like daisies and I like to peel them off halfway whenever I get nervous. Sometimes I get nervous because of the issue I have with grown-up men staring at me in public. I am always afraid that they’re going to touch my private places. But I know now that I really like that after all. So I just ride my bike and go to the park and sometimes the grocery store. I think I’m getting nervous now because my school is giving me a mean new janitor to replace Abner who was our old one but did something bad, I think, and got in trouble. When I get in trouble, all I wish for is my Daddy to spank me, but it doesn’t always happen, so I think that’s distracting me from my studies. I have to go now cuz I’m getting called for dinner, but I’ll show you what my bike looks like, it’s great. 🙂

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