Fisting To Prep His Wife

He is a little dicked mother fucker and he wants his wife to get a real fuck. She never cums when he fucks her and she says she can’t even feel that little cock. So he decided to set up a good old fashioned fuck fest with some big dicked mother fuckers that would “Lay the pipe to that bitch once and for all” (his exact words) I think he is getting a little aggravated with her taunting and humiliating him about his inadequate pecker and the fact that he sucks in the bedroom because of it. I agreed to make the arrangements and to set everything up. This is not unusual to me and something I do for people often, but I had no idea what he had in mind.
We met at the hotel as agreed and our big dicked friends were not to show up for another half an hour. He said he wanted some time to prepare for his wife being fucked in front of him and I just thought he wanted to talk about parameters and possibly a safe word, which isn’t uncommon.
But that was not what he had in mind, no sir.He told her to get undressed and get ready and he did the same. What came next was unexpected but hot as fucking hell.
he threw her on the bed and grabbed her by the neck. He told her to spread her legs, I couldn’t tell if his anger was from his excitement or if he was just pissed or both but it was hot as hell. As she spread her legs with out question he shoved his fist up her cunt all the way to his elbow. All the while telling her a big dick is what she wants and he is going to make sure she is primed and ready for the biggest dick she can take.
I sat and watched while my pussy dripped and my fingers went to work. He was so into what he was doing it was like I wasn’t even there. I was so mesmerized that I didn’t realize a half an hour had passed and I jumped when I heard the knock on the door. He took his fist out of her cunt and licked her juice off his hand and forearm as he walked to the door, panting from what just took place.
This was going to be one hell of a night!

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