Practice Makes Prefect!

A lot of people think being the family whore is easy… it’s definitely NOT! I have my daddy who’s hung like a horse and 3 strong healthy brothers who aren’t lacking in that department either! When mommy’s not around to help I have to pick up the slack. Handling three guys is hard work but I love my job. Oh yessss I do! When I first started, they use to stretch me out and I would be sore for weeks. My family puts the P in pounding! But mommy said practice makes Perfect. She went and bought me these huge toys ones very similar to my daddy and brothers and told me to get to practicing!

At first I was scared.. It took time and a lot of lube to get those giant dildos in such a small tight hole. It seems like the toys were putting more of a hurting on my pussy than daddy and my brothers were. But the more I practice the better I got. Now I can take their cocks for hours! I put the P in Perfect little Slut! I suck and fuck my big dildos for fun now. And when I fuck my daddy and my brothers, they just can’t get enough! I throw my little ass back on their big fat dicks like I had been doing it for years! I love to gobble up their cocks and look up at them with my beautiful brown eyes while they fuck my throat. Mommy was definitely right.. Practice does make Prefect!

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