Tonight Is Tease And Denial Night

A nice cold glass of wine, a big fat cock, a hot wet pussy and a need for kinky fucking with no taboos is all we need for the night. Pour me anther glass of wine, take your cock out of those pants and let me dip him in my glass so I can suck the wine off him. Let me lick those balls and that sweet little ass while we drink our wine and get ready for a night of fun. I am going to lay back on the bed and spread my legs wide open, pour some of that wine in my cunt and drink it up. Suck all the juices out of me with that huge, hard dick in your hand. Better yet, bring that cock up to my mouth, lets 69 for a while make me want that dick so bad that I beg you to stuff it in any hole your little heart desires. I want my pussy to be dripping juice just like the wine is dripping off the edge of my glass. I want to spend hours teasing each other with edge play, bringing each other to the brink and then holding back only to make each other want it more. Maybe we can call some friends and have them join the party once we are done teasing and denying each other the satisfaction of orgasm. Better pop the cork on another bottle of wine.  With every sip I take, I get hornier and the kinky ideas keep flowing through my mind. I have a feeling your going to need to pack a lunch and bring a friend because we are going to be a while.

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