I need to be punished!

I have been a bad, bad girl and I should be punished harshly! Please Sir won’t you give me the punishment I crave? I need to be controlled, I need a firm hand to guide me, to mold me into the perfect slave. I am just a lowly little fuckpig, I am nothing without a master to tell me what to do. I am incapable of making the smallest decision on my own, I am truly lost! I need a strong man, one who isn’t afraid to hurt me if I deserve it. Is that you Sir? Are you the strong disciplinarian that I have been searching for? Oh god I sure hope you are! I don’t know what I will do if I don’t get a master soon, I swear I will lose my mind! I need a man that can beat the shit out of me one minute and fuck the shit out of me the next. I promise I will try really really hard to be everything you require me to be, just please, please pick me!

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