Pleasing You Tonight

Mmmm I see you came to play. That cock is already hard, you must have been thinking about my beautiful body on the way over. Are you are in the mood for some hot phonesex babe? Well just take that hard cock out and let me give you what you want. I love to suck a big cock first! Get it nice and ready to fuck my pussy good!. Mmmm you fill my mouth up nice and full. Cum over here and play with my pussy babe while I service your dick! It’s all about you today! I’m down on my knees slurping on your cock, making love to it with my mouth! Nothing like a blowjob after work, you can relax, bust a nut and let me feed you this pussy! That’s right, pussy on a platter for my daddy! Eat this pussy until she’s dripping wet! You know I love when my pussy gets so wet your dick just slides right on in. I love to hear that gushy, wet sound as you stroke my walls!

I love pleasing you! Let’s enjoy the rest of tonight with you inside of me!

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