Playing with the Neighbor on the roof

Cum Slut Phone SexIt was a warm Brooklyn summer day when I got back from the gym. I wanted to get a tan so I decided to head up to the roof. I grabbed my towel, a drink, and my always at the ready beach bag. I made my way up to the roof and got set up quickly. I thought to myself about getting an all over tan, so I pulled my clothes off and slapped on some sun tan oil. Then I saw Bruno across the roof watching. I said “well come over and hit this if you want it“. He sprinted over tossing off his shorts and muscle shirt in seconds stumbling like a klutz. Getting on my knees I took his throbbing rod into my mouth and sucked him like a porn pro. Deep throating is my forte as Bruno quickly found out. “Oye maonon girl” he said as I worked my tongue around his shaft, and cradled his nuts. I soon stood up and grinded my tight ass next to him as he played with my tight pussy. He rubbed with a sensual motion, and diddled with my clit, his fingers did a dance that sent a shock wave over me as his hard rod glided up my butt crack. Then it was time to get to it. I laid back and opened my legs. Bruno slid inside my wet willing to be fucked pussy and began to get his rhythm quickly. Pushing fast and hard he moved with good strokes that had me cuming in seconds. He was getting ready to shoot his load but I had him pull out and blow his man milk all over my face and in my mouth as I swallowed every drop. “damn girl you know how to handle the equipment” he said as he laughed, and replied “I do my second porn shoot tonight. I guess he’ll be looking for it on line to see what else I can do.

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