Play With Fire And….

Your going to get burned. They found out the hard way that if you cross the Latin Kings, retaliation is a given.
This was the first burn I was a part of and I wasn’t sure what to expect. But because it was my first burn I was expected to light it up. As soon as the match hit the accelerate and the flames rose with a loud whoosh, my cunt responded with a throbbing and juices started to flow. 
I stood there and watched fascinated by the orange and yellow flames soaring and dancing in front of me. I can’t help but think about how much I love hot candle wax dripping on my naked body during sex. And how hard my orgasm was when I was branded with my mistress’s initials. My cunt is burning like the flames with the need to be satisfied.
I can’t take my eyes off the beautiful orange and yellow flames as they lick the trees and walls reaching higher and higher and making me want to get fucked raw and hard.
I almost feel hypnotized as I watch in fascination and reach between my legs with one hand while pinching and pulling my nipples with the other hand.
I can see images emerging with in the flames, changing and morphing as the heat increases. I know I should leave before anyone arrives but I am in a trance and it feels as if my feet are cemented to the ground. My primal need to cum right here while watching is over whelming and I know I can’t go until I cum.
The colors are becoming more vivid as the fire burns. The yellow becoming brighter and the orange is getting more intense as my hands and fingers increase their urgent working of my cunt and tits, bringing me closer and closer to the release I need.
I hear the sirens nearing and I know I have to go. The closer they get, the more excited I get. Will I cum before they arrive? I will not leave till I am satisfied. The gang is scattering like roaches and still I stand here feverishly trying to bring my relief. Closer, the sirens are getting closer. The flames are getting higher, I can feel the heat increasing. I am so close, it is almost time. Oh yes I feel it, I am cumming, the hot juice is flowing, I feel the release. As the final spasm takes my cunt and I regain some semblance of reality I see the flashing of the emergency lights and my feet begin to move.
I barely make it out of sight. What a rush! That was the wildest thing ever. I can’t wait till the next time!

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