Pink Is The Color Of Passion

Princess Phone SexAerosmith’s song Pink says it all: “Pink is the color of passion, cause today it just goes with the fashion”. Pink is the prettiest color there is (well, I think it is), and all things tender, sweet and delicious are pink. When you are between my legs eating my pussy, you must have noticed that my pussy is very pretty in pink. My tongue, the inside of my mouth, my nipples – they are all pink. Your cock is pink until it gets too hard then it turns different shades of purple and blue. When you come over to see me I am always wearing pink of some kind, and it turns you on. You love it when I put on my pink stilettos, and you fuck me while I rest my heels on your shoulders. Sometimes you take one of my shoes off and lick my foot, and it really turns me on. Pink is your new obsession, which is fine with me because we both know you love everything about me that’s pink and soft.

Fetish Phone Sex

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