Drunk Daughter Punishment

Forced Intoxication Phone Sex


When my youngest bratty bitch breaks our rules and goes out drinking with her friends, we teach her a lesson just like millions of parents have done before us and pull out a bottle of booze for her to swill down while we watch, then make her have forced intoxication phone sex with some perv while we play with her passed out pussy.

This is how it always goes; she stays out past curfew drinking and doing god knows what with god knows who, then expects us to not only be fine with it, but to cater to her every hungover want and need the next day.  Fuck that, it was cute the first time, but got to be a nuisance really quickly, so we decided to take action.

After school let out, she started partying every night.  A few weeks ago, she stumbled in all glassy eyed a few hours past when she was to be home and staggered back to her bedroom without even noticing my husband and I were up watching her.  We silently followed her with a bottle of vodka and a few shot glasses in hand and, just as she laid her head on her pillow, invited her to have a nightcap with us before bed.  She didn’t want to but, of course, we insisted.

After slamming a couple of shooters each, she completely blacked the fuck out!  We decided, as good parents, that our next step in proper punishment should be exploitation, so we peeled her clothes back and started taking pictures and videos of her.  We pawed at her skin and pinched her nipples, even slapped her cunt until it was good and red.  She just moaned a bit and snored her way through it.  I sent the pics and vids out to all of the crazy cocks in my contact list and got just the response I was looking for.  All of them absolutely loved it and wanted to see more, so we started finger fucking her and munching on her unconscious holes.  She let out a couple more moans and groans, which gave me the idea to call up my favorite part time prick to let him hear all of the action.  It made him so happy!

I just put my phone right by her head and had my hubby go to town on her bald little beaver and balloon knot of a butthole.  He started out by shoving his fingers inside of her, all four in her cunt at first, massaging her teen g-spot, then working his pinky and ring finger into her brown round to get them good and stretched out for his cock.  Every time she moaned or breathed sharply, my phone friend did the same.  I could hear him whacking his wonderful fuck rod over the sounds of my husband shoving himself into her unknowing holes over and over again.  What an amazing sound!

When he was all done with her, he covered her face with his cum and made sure that I got some great shots of it for the upcoming part of our plan.  The next day, she didn’t even remember she had seen us when she got home.  She zombie walked her way into the kitchen around 1:30 in the afternoon talking about how she felt like she had been hit by a truck.  I gave her a cup of coffee and my husband and I each sat on either side of her and flipped out our phones so we could show her our evening.

Needless to say, she was mortified… At first.  The sight of her parents using her drunken body to get themselves and their friends off made her straighten up her act for, maybe, ten days or so.  Then she went back to breaking rules and not giving a shit.  Even seeing her dad’s load oozing and dripping off of her face wasn’t enough to keep her in line for long.  We repeated the punishment and the next day, she walked into the kitchen, made her own coffee and sat beside us.  Holding out her hand, she said “So show me the pictures.” and took a long sip of her hangover remedy. 



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    need to exploit your brat with you

    • Peter on August 2, 2022 at 2:39 PM
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    You are so fucking hot, I just wanna squeeze them titties!

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