Perfect Timing

I had a craving for some sweet pussy, and got tired of licking my own fingers. I called one of my friends over and she loves when I use my long tongue on her. But today she said she was craving cock… so we have quite a dilemma. I told her that if she came over and let me eat her sweet pussy, that I would find her a nice cock to finish her off right. She is such a whore, and happily agreed without any more resistance.

She showed up and wasn’t wearing any panties – I swear her pussy tastes like sugar and I could smell the sex coming from between her legs. I was practically drooling by the time I got her into my room, and she was dripping wet as I bent her over on the bed and began tickling her with my tongue. I wanted to taste her cum so badly, like I couldn’t live without it. I fingered her tight slit and thought about which cock I should invite over to pound her pretty little pussy. My mind was racing imagining a giant cock going where my fingers are now.

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I licked her sweet juices as I swirled my tongue around her clit. She was moaning like crazy and I knew she was going to cum hard. Then she moaned that she still wanted some cock and that I better deliver. Her sluttiness has always been what I loved about her most, so I sucked directly on her clit as she came so hard I could feel her legs vibrating. I licked her softly as the throbbing subsided, and she rolled over and laid back, legs spread wide. “Where’s my cock?” she asked, and laughed. I went to grab my phone, but to my delight I saw your truck pull in the driveway – that cock of yours will do just fine. You always did have perfect timing!

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