Peep Show for the Peeping Tom…

 I have a peeping tom in the apartments across from me and I’m so excited! Not really because of the peeping tom but because I got my new fucking machine and I can’t wait to cum all over my self! Of course the curtains will be open and the perv will have a clear view of my pussy and ass being fucked, but I love the thought! I bet he will jizz his pants when I turn up the speed and my pussy starts to gush! *giggles*

You can listen to me while I pleasure myself as well. The more the merrier! Tell me all the dirty things you want to do to me while my perv is watching.  I want to hear your deepest darkest freakiest thoughts and feelings. I will describe in full detail how my soft fingers feel rubbing up against my sensitive soaking wet pussy and how my toy slips into my mouth. Tell me how fast or slow you would like me to go?



I imagine that it’s your cock I feel. I want you inside me. Speed up the pace, intensify the vibrations, pretend that your dick is deep inside me. Maybe you’ll be inspired to take your cock into your own hands and grace my ears with your moans and heavy breathing. Do you have a fleshlight or pocket pussy? I want to hear you fuck that pussy like it was mine!  I’m ready when you are! Let’s get kinky for our audience across the street.


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