payback can be sour

young bald pussy

One of my first jobs was at the mall as a lemonade specialist. I know the weird way to word it, but my boss was even more mysterious. He would love to make us hot girls wear little yellow tiny dresses with thongs that poked out. Can someone yell creepazoid? It’s okay, though. He got his. See, I’m not the girl that gets upset at men for staring at me. The problem arises when my creepy boss tries to pin a crime I didn’t commit onto me. He was so hell-bent on saying I stole from the register and was going to persecute me and blah blah blah. Anything to get a young teen coed to cry. All he was relishing was the idea of his cock going inside my young bald pussy. I had other plans, and you know mine always work well.

Instead of succumbing to his wild outburst, I told him I would give him the most excellent blow job ever, and in reality, all I was going to do was this tik to hack while he wore a mask. So yes, that did happen. I got greenlight from him, and he, of course, was so fucking ecstatic to have my mouth on his gross cock. In reality, it was a grapefruit, but while I was doing this, I had the urge to make him a cum eating fucker. You can say my revenge is a mouth full of his cum swallowing his juices with a grapefruit note. hehehe! I always get what I want. Don’t fuck with the princess cause if you do, its a must I fuck with you too. Heres your lemony sour special!

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