Party Time!

Submissive Phone SexA few days ago my husband told me his boss was throwing at his house and we were invited and that I could buy something new and sexy to wear. I have been so excited and couldn’t wait for the last night to get here. Finally it was here and when we got to his bosses house the party was well under way. I wasn’t sure why we had arrived so late, It made me wonder what time the party had actually started. My husband got us a couple of drinks and I wanted to catch up with everyone else so I drank my first glass down rather quickly. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize I was the only woman at the party but it did. Then I overheard some of the men taking, it didn’t take me long to learn there had been a dinner party earlier in the evening with the wives and they had been taken home so they wouldn’t be bored during the guys “Poker Party”.

About this time my husband took me into a room and gave me a few fat lines of coke and a couple of pills, but I was already so loaded, I suspected someone had spiked my drink. within minutes I was so high I could barely sit up straight in my chair. Then I realized the poker party wasn’t going to me and not a card game, it was a poke her party! I was so loaded and horny that while I was sitting in my chair I opened my legs as wide as I could, I wanted to get the action going! I was in the mood and totally ready for all they had to offer me. The men undressed me and taunted me with their hard cocks and then they were plunging their cocks in my pussy and in my ass at the same time. Several of the men had to hold me up because I was that messed up. I don’t know how many men fucked me last night. I only know that I had cum all over everyone and everything. What a hell of a great party, too bad the other wives only got dinner, and I got the good stuff! I got to get higher than a kite and fuck all their men while my husband watched with pleasure!

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