Party Night

Tonight we had a party at the strip club where I work. The birthday boy was just wild he did not just want a lap dance he said that he wanted to go to the back private rooms and pay for a party with just me and a few of his friends. I was down for it! He offered me so much money that I could not resist a job like that. So, we went to the back room I did a few lap dances and then they were ready for some hard core fun. We all did some lines together and then drank till we couldn’t think straight anymore. All we wanted to do then was fuck and suck all night long. My holes were filled with so much cream and I just wanted to be pounded more. I especially paid a lot of attention to the birthday boy and gave him a special blow job gift. I did some lines off his dick and then sucked it so hard till he was gagging me till he exploded in my throat and made me a little cum whore.

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