Panty Soaking Coed Fun!

Cheap Phone Sex

I got fucked with my panties on all over my dorm room bed while my roommate was sleeping! I brought a guy home with me from the bar last week after drinking on St. Patty’s day, he was a tall red haired sexy senior who was also in my advanced class. He cuddled with me in bed as we made out drunk and high as fuck. As my roommate was falling asleep he began to play with my pussy, pushing my panties aside to feel my tight holes. He finger fucked me until I came all over his fingers, god it felt so good already I just wanted to ride his cock! He surprised me pinning me down and pushing his dick into my slippery wet cunt with my panties still on. Feeling the material of my panties rubbing against my clit as he pounded me was so fucking hot! He flipped me over so I was bouncing on top of him, riding his thick cock, I squirted all over my panties soaking them completely as he unleashed a hot load of cum in my cunt.

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