Panty Show

My Uncle told me that I have been such a sweet little girl last weekend that he wanted to take me out shopping. Yay! I love shopping but instead of it being cute, new outfits … it was panties. *giggles* When my Uncle and I arrived to the mall he told me straight to one store only that he said would be the best place to get cute undies for my little booty. *giggles* He took me to Victoria Secrets and he told me that I can pick out some panties so that way we can have a panty show when we got home. So I picked out some panties that were lacy and I can see anything right threw them. *giggles* After we left the mall, we went straight home where my Uncle had his video camera out in the living room for me to put on a real live panty show. As I started to parade around in my new blue panty, my Uncle to me its time for me to come over and sit on his lap so he can see if my cunny is wet threw these new panty. *giggles*


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