Michelle’s Lesson

Nothing gets this mommy’s pussy hotter then teaching her little ones new lessons in family fun. Today I am getting ready for my sweet twin Michelle’s latest lesson in incest fun with mommy.
Mikey and Michelle are great at licking pussy and sucking cock. And they have learned how to please mommy, her friends and each other. They love learning and perfecting how to keep mommy’s pussy happy.

Today Michelle is getting her first lesson on how to fuck mommy with a strap on. It is time for her to learn how to work a pussy with a big plastic strap on cock. She has watched mommy get fucked many times. This time she is going to watch and pay close attention to how a man moves when he is fucking pussy. Then she will put her dick on and we will see if she paid attention.

I want her to learn all the tricks to working a pussy into a frenzy. She needs to learn to read the woman she is fucking and know how to move based on the response she is getting from the pussy she is banging.

I can’t wait for this lesson and to see what she can do with her big dick strapped onto that sweet little pussy!



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