Pain Equals Pleasure

He made me stand in front of him. I could see the video camera rolling behind him. He told me to strip. I did. I always do everything he tells me to. He has control of my mind because he controls the pleasure in my body. He controls it with pain. He always toys with me by asking me what I would like to do. He doesn’t really care, its just a cat toying with a mouse. His way of showing me that my thoughts don’t matter. He tells me to get the club with the blades on the end. My favorite.

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I see his cock rise as he imagines the blood that will soon flow from my pussy. His voice is kind and quiet, but his thoughts and desires are as dark and evil as can be had. He tells me to put the club on the floor and squat over it. He watches calmly, stroking his cock slowly. I squat over the club and all the sharp blades. I can feel the cold steel licking at my pussy lips. I want to feel the cold fire that they cause when they slice through my cunt. He knows I want it, and he makes me wait.

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My legs are trembling, as I hover over the pleasure he controls. He tells me to look into the camera and beg him for what I need. I am a fuckpig whore and I cannot help myself. I look at the camera and beg to feel the blades cut me. Tears run down my cheeks, not from fear, but from love, for this man who can give me everything I need. He wants to witness my mutilation, and I want to feel the release of my life blood all over the dirty floor. I finish begging to the camera and I look at him one last time. He simply nods, and I know that I can now drop down and split myself open. The pain is so sharp and sudden that my scream is silent. As the room goes dark, I see him cumming into the air…

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