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Its Saturday night and I am getting ready for my nasty client.
He likes pain and harm done to him.
He makes me feel like a powerhouse.
I enjoy making him suffer.
I have laid out my plastic tarp and lit my candles.
I have chocolate melted and I have my whips and chains ready.
Its been a hard week, So many people have gotten on my bad side this week I am ready to take it out on this man.
I see red as soon I as hear him knock on the door.
I let him in, and before he said anything I punched him in the face.
He knows how this work.
He started taking his clothes off after I punch him
He dropped to his knees and put his hands behind his back.
I put his dog collar on and cuffed his hands behind his back.
I tied some rope to his cuffs and made sure his hands where held up behind him nice and tight.
I grabbed my hot candle wax and poured it all over his back and down his ass crack.
While he was moaning and whining about the burn I grabbed my hot chocolate and dipped his balls into the chocolate.

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I loved watching the tears roll down his face.
I pushed the heel of my shoe into the bottom of his feet.
My pussy was dripping wet and I saw the faces of the bitches who pissed me off this week on his bare ass.
I grabbed my whips and started hitting him.
I don’t know what happened.
I finally came too and saw that I had beat the shit out of him.
He was sobbing like a baby.
I untied him and kicked him over.
Told him to get the fuck out of my house.

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