Orgasmic Torture


I received a sexy gift in the mail from a “secret admirer.”  The black lace thong was designed to accommodate the vibrating bullet‘s attachments.  Hmm, just the bullet and the panties.  Someone else had the remote.  I couldn’t think of who this “secret admirer” could be…rather, there are just too many possible culprits to narrow down a list.  *wink*  But, what the hell, this could be fun!  So, I slid the panties on under my dress, the next morning, and went to work.  During my commute, my panties came to life.  I came hard, and my foot hit the accelerator, almost hitting the person in front of me.  Mr. Admirer must be nearby!  I looked into the surrounding cars, but traffic was moving too quickly.  As I pulled into the parking lot at work, my pussy began humming.  That humming grew to a roar, and that roar became an explosion.  I sat in my car, grinding my hips, pinching my nipples and moaning, right outside of my job!  My pussy went from humming to cumming in less than 2 minutes!  As much as I was enjoying the surprise orgasms, I had to find out who had the remote, before my 11:30 am meeting…

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