Orgasmic Torture – Part Two

I came again, making my morning cut of coffee – right there in the kitchen, in the presence of co-workers!  My twat’s juices began to stir, just as I was stirring in some creamer.  And, I creamed all over that little bullet that was seducing my clit.  I think Mr. Admirer was trying to make me black out from an orgasmic overdose!  With hard nipples and a very alert clit, I made my way back to my office, my pussy buzzing the whole way.  I came again, as soon as I sat down.  By then I was crazed, and didn’t want to stop cumming.  I reached between my legs, slid my fingers inside my damp panties, and plunged the bullet deep inside my fuck hole.  I threw my head back, and enjoyed another wave of ecstasy.  I didn’t even hear the knock on my door.  When I opened my eyes, the company’s VP was standing above me smiling and staring.  I jumped up, but he’d already seen my fingers rubbing my clit, and I’m sure he could smell my cum-drenched cunt.  He didn’t say a word, only licked his lips and took a good whiff of the air.  I put my wet, sticky fingers under his nose, and over his mouth.  I begged him not to mention what he’d seen to anyone.  He put his hand in his pant pocket, rubbed his cock, and said it would be our secret.  The buzzing started again, but I tried to ignore it.  The vibrating intensified, so I squeezed my legs together.  The bullet went into overtime, and the VP just watched and rubbed his cock until a slight groan escaped him.  He came to (LOL), dropped a folder on my desk, and told me not to be late for the meeting.  Inside the folder was the remote!

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