Coked Up and Ready for Anything!

Submissive Phone SexLast  week my husband was making plans for me all week long, he knew I needed to get all coked up and be brutally fucked. So he planned to meet me downtown at my apartment and when I walked in my husband greeted me with a few fat lines of coke, a couple of pills and tall long island iced tea. I immediately got so excited because if he wanted me to get this fucked up so early I knew he had some great plans for me to satisfy my need for some brutal sex. After about thirty minutes there was a knock on the door and these two very large men walled in and my husband introduced them as new co-workers and wanted us to get to know each other.

I was ready, I already had on one of my new little sexy outfits and it didn’t take them long to tie me to the bed. At first they both shoved their huge cocks into my mouth and thrust their cock in and out so hard until they both shot hot loads of cum down my throat. Then one guy pulled my head back by my hair and yelled at me to swallow. He didn’t know me very well, I wasn’t about to let one drop go to waste. Then they both shoved their cocks into my soaking wet pussy and fucked me so hard. After that I was flipped over and one continued to fuck my pussy while the other fucked me up my ass. This was one of the best fucks I have had in a while. They tormented and brutalized my body all night. In the late afternoon when I finally came to my husband had breakfast there and a hot bath waiting. What a great surprise! After breakfast and a bath my husband got into bed with me and gently fucked me all day long.

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