OoLaLa Maid For You

A single mom has to make a few extra bucks on the side. When I saw the ad for this alternative, exotic and erotic maid service I knew it was just the side gig for me. After all, I clean my house naked all the time with the girls and we all have a good time. Why not go get paid to clean in the buff either by myself or with another horny honey and put on a show. Make some extra money and maybe get a good tip. The company boasts that they have an upscale clientele, who knows I might even find a horny, rich married man looking for a sweet little side piece with no strings attached! My first gig they paired me with this beautiful little Latin girl. We talked on the ride to the client’s house and both of us were down with whatever to make that all mighty dollar. When we pulled up to the address and saw the house or should I say mansion, we about creamed our panties before we even got out of the car. Surely these people had a butler or maid already with a house like this. We knocked on the door and sure as shit a member of the house staff answered but showed us into the study where he sat undressing us with his eyes. He wasn’t hard on the eyes at all and he didn’t take long to tell us that we were there for his amusement and pleasure more then the actual house keeping services that our company advertised. He ordered us to take all our clothes off and told us he wanted to take several pictures before we started “cleaning” for him as he handed us each a glass of fine brandy. This is how to clean house for fucking sure!

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