Oiled Up And Locked Out

Adult Phone Chat

Summer is pretty much over and I am desperately trying to soak up the last few rays and preserve this sexy summer tan!

I was out laying in the sun completely naked cus you know I don’t do tan lines.

I just finished rubbing oil all over my tight teen body. I saw my neighbor watching me as usual so I made sure I used a lot of oil and spent a lot of time rubbing into my tiny little naked ass and inside my puffy little kitty…you know…all the places that will never see sun!

All of a sudden it started o rain!

I guess I was so involved in teasing my neighbor that I didn’t see the clouds come in!

Normally I would continue my little show in the rain. I mean, what is sexier than a naked teen having her hard body splashed with thousands of drops of cool wet rain?

But I was freezing and daddy was gonna be home soon and I would get spanked hard if he saw this!

The problem was, I locked myself out!

Here I was oiled up, soak and wet, naked, and locked out!

So I walk right down my front side walk like it was nothing and knocked on my neighbors door.

I was not surprised to see the bulge in his pants when he answered!

I can’t resist a man that gets hard for me!

I couldn’t wait to see what was waiting for me under those pants. I couldn’t help myself…I just reached over and unzipped his jeans and this huge cock flopped right out!

It was the biggest cock I had ever seen and I had to have it!

I slammed the door shut and jumped right in his arms! He pushed me up against the closed door and wasted no time forcing that massive fuck stick inside my wet bald pussy!

It was so big that it almost didn’t fit! My tiny little pussy hurt as he stretched it to its limit! But I enjoyed every painful thrust!

I love being a tease….I love that men want me, but I can’t stop thinking about my neighbor!

He fucked my tight little pussy until it gaped and dumped his load inside like he owned my cunt!

He left me sore and dripping! I loved to feel his cum trickle down my thighs!

And all I can think of is more! I want More!



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