Body Builders are Fucking Hot!

Submissive Phone SexRecently I met this body builder guy who paid me a lot of attention. He invited to his place for dinner and I said yes. He gave me his address, cell phone number, and driving instructions because I wasn’t familiar with the area he lived in. So as I was getting ready for my date last night I wasn’t quite sure how to dress, I went with sexy so he could be I have quite a hard body too!  I was nervous on the drive over to his place as I had only met him once and didn’t really know him or what to expect.

When I got to his place is was quite clear he loved red and black because most of his place was decorated in red and black, it looked very nice and I fit right in in my little red and black outfit. I had a little trouble finding his address so I was a little late and dinner was on the table when I got there. He asked me what I wanted to drink and we sat down for our meal. During dinner he was quite aggressive and kept running his had up my thigh and massaging my clit. As soon as dinner was over he told me to take off my dress so he could see my body.

I took off my black dress and his eyes opened wide, I could tell he was pleased with what he saw. He came over and pulled me down on the sofa on top of him, took my panties off and started sucking on my clit, and gently pulling at it with his teeth, then he shoved his rod into my mouth, it was so large I knew he was going to be a good fuck. As he was pulling on my clit with his teeth and using his tongue on it in just the right way and felt that I would cum at any moment. He stopped and flipped me over and shoved that rod into my very wet pussy and I exploded with cum at the same time he did. I was right, he was a great fuck!

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