Oh Glory

I have to say as much as I enjoy you baby, with your big dick and luscious lips, sometimes a girl just needs some tenderness.
I found the sweetest princess named Claire and she REALLY knows how give a fucking blow job! She can deep throat my monster cock like nobodies business. I don’t think this girl has a gag reflex in her body. And she loves to take my huge fuck stick in her tight little pucker puss ass-whole as much as she likes it up her hot,wet pussy. I haven’t enjoyed sucking clit that much in FOREVER DARLING. She let me make her my cum slut. She licked my ass and gave me a rim job that made me cum uncontrollably and took me ass to mouth to swallow the load! This chick is a dream!
The only thing that could have made all this better darling is you. Wouldn’t you love to be the cream in the middle of our little cookie? I know you would devour that cream pie and this glory pole. You would make me watch you fuck my princess and not let me touch my throbbing cock, knowing that when you let her lips touch my dick I would explode all over both of you. Oh the glory of it all darling!!!

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