Oh Glory! Skinny Dipping!

Taking a walk down a secluded beach, carefree, the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair and the sand in my toes. When I see the perfect spot to sit under a palm tree, staring at the ocean and stoking this huge rigid cock of mine. The sun is beating down and the faster I jerk my cock, the closer I get to squirting this load, the hotter I get. Sweat forming on my lip as I come closer to the money shot. Finally sweet release. Licking the cum off my fingers I look around. There is no one any where in site. I look at the clear blue water calling my name and think “Why not? It will be fun” I strip off my suit and head for the shore line. As the water climbs higher on my bare skin, tickling, and tingling, so refreshing. As I submerge my hot body in the cool water I hear a sound. Turning I see a gorgeous man and woman approaching my secluded spot. I sink lower into the water, my body naked in all it’s glory. They don’t see me and they have the same idea it seems. They are so immersed in each other that they are naked and in the water before realizing I am there too. They both have fabulous bodies and my cock is rock hard again! Well one of us has to emerge from the safety of the water, we can’t stay there all day. So I take a deep breath and begin my trip back to my clothes. As my breasts come out of the water revealing hard nipples, I hear them whistle. Oh glory this could be fun! I turn and smile and continue to the shore. When my cock breaks the water and they see him in all of his glory they begin to come towards me. It is clear when they are close enough that her nipples are hard and so is his dick. We make our way to each other and with out a word we are kissing and fondling each other. My fingers sink into her pussy, her hand is jerking me and I am jerking him off. Rubbing, kissing, stroking, moaning, three people in a delicious mass enjoying each other. Oh Glory! Finally we are done. We emerge from the water, get dressed and part company with out a word spoken between us. I love skinny dipping!

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