I have been fucking my pussy with my bong all morning! I can’t stop cumming thinking about it! He called me this morning. Said he needed to take a trip to Vancouver to pick up some killer bud and needed a mule, would I be game? So he asked me to go with him! He told me to do some research and see what I wanted to do while there, all his treat. As he spoke my pussy got wetter and wetter: all the bud I could smoke, free food and travel, free hotel, free entertainment, all I can drink….basically a free vacation! All I have to do is carry it back over the boarder. I can do that no fucking problem.

I have looked it up and that place is jamming! They have something called the Stoner Slopes, where you go and get fucked up to the max and ski. Unfortunately it is not skiing weather right now. But that is OK I also found the New Amsterdam Cafe. This joint is a city building three floors and a roof all for bud! The first floor is the cafe, they sell food made with bud, for a fee you can go to the second floor, where they sell bud, for another fee you can go to the third floor where they sell pipes and bongs and vaporizers, And for yet another fee you can have roof access, where they have the pipes and bongs and vaporizers that they sell and you can try them out, getting super fucked up on samples of the bud they sell as well as people bringing what they bought up. They serve killer drinks up there, it is like a smoking lounge and a bar together! Like how fucking cool is that? It could only get better if people fucked each other up there or at least gave each other head. And if I can’t have sex there I found a clothing optional beach called Wreck Beach. I know I can get fucked there! So between the two I will be amply entertained.

We leave on Monday, I hope this becomes a regular gig for me!

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