Daddy’s Private Studio

Daddy set up his studio today. He said it was about time his little girl gets out there. If I want to be a porn star he is going to make sure everyone sees my pictures and videos. Daddy said he is going to get all his friends together and they are going to start coming over and making private little porn videos with me so that we can go show them to people and sale them. Because I want to be the biggest porn star ever out there!

Tonight we took all kinds of pictures showing my tits,ass, and pussy just to show everyone. Tomorrow, we are going to start making our porn videos. I can not wait to have them be out there. Daddy,does not know that I have already been out there making my own little videos with all the neighborhood boys and men out there. He is going to be so surprised when he realizes all his friends have already made videos with me. Maybe Daddy will make one with me too.

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