Horny Nurse Bambi Cums to the Rescue!

It is so important for a man to have an ‘on call’ nurse, to take care of his needs:  morning, noon, and night.  In my spare time, I have been studyin’  up on ways to provide that good ol’ sexual healing.  Sometimes, those balls get too full with cum and it starts to hurt, and when that happens, it is time for Bambi’s ball draining skills cum in  :).  I have to use my special instruments to apply the right amount of pressure to that full ball sack.  I take my tongue and outline those cum filled balls-licking, twirling it, and then pressing down.  This technique soothes all of that cum that is packed in that sore, ball sack.  Next, I add my next medical aid tool-my juicy lips.  This tool helps to provide the necessary suction action that helps to pull that cream out of those balls.  You see, it can be reeeeeal uncomfortable when there is too much cum stored in those balls, and that’s where cock-hungry, Nurse Bambi’s 1st aid, helps to provide that much needed release. 

The next medical tool that I use is my hands.  My  cock luvin’ hands work real hard on your dick shaft.  As a good nurse, I rub that shaft, squeeze it, and get it ready to carry that hot cum, once it is released.  I like using the hand/mouth medical combo.  It helps to work those balls and shaft at the same time and finally, providing medical relief, when those balls explode and that cum spays out.  Once that happens, Nurse Bambi knows that she has done a good job and rescued you with the best medical attention.  I love wearing my slutty nurse’s uniform, because when I do, I really feel like a good nurse!

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