Now All You Can Think About Is…

Sensual Domination Phone Sex I’ve been planning something special for us for a long time and I’ve finally figured out the perfect thing to drive you wild! I was on my way home from class when I saw a strap on in the window of a sex shop. I went in and tried it on, figuring out the perfect size for you to take; I know you love it when I milk your prostate and make you cum down my throat so I figured we should go all the way and split that asshole open! When you came over for our date things were perfect as usual, I started sucking that hard dick right after we finished our drinks and little did you know I had something special on my mind. I told you to close your eyes and when you opened them, I stood in front of you wearing the sexy leather harness and 8 in strap on with my lingerie and heels. I saw your cock twitch in excitement seeing me standing tall and dominant over you and your leaking hard on. It didn’t take long to stretch you open and slide the head of my strap on deep inside that tight fuck hole of yours. You moaned like a whore as I fucked you and made myself cum from the pounding, all I had to do was reach forward and stroke you twice, you exploded all over my hand…. Now all you can thing about is me and my strap on!

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