Nothing Left

Never, ever piss me off to the point of no return. A lesson she had to learn the hard way.
Everything was cool, we were partying, having a great time. But some people just can’t handle their alcohol. They get mouthy, they get ballsy, they find that fucking liquid courage.
Yeah not a good idea at all, not with me. We were on the beach, the bon fire burning, the beer cold and the bitch getting braver by the minute.
Finally I just couldn’t take it anymore and I snapped. Just because I am dangerous doesn’t mean I am not smart, that is why I have never gotten caught.
The surf board was leaning against the same tree that my machete was stuck in, the one that we had been using to cut wood to keep the fire going. At the end of the dock was the fishing boat rocking in the water, calling my name.
She didn’t even notice me take the machete and the surf board and put them on the boat. Talking her into coming with me to hot wire the boat and go for a ride was easy, so easy it was pitiful.
Once on the water I knocked her ass out with one good blow to the jaw. I put her on the surf board over the side of the boat so there was no blood on the boat. Leaning over the edge I began to hack her body into pieces, throwing them off the board and into the water. Watching the fish start to swarm and feed I knew it wouldn’t be long before the sharks showed up.
Watching it was making me fucking horny as hell, dumb bitch. It didn’t take much to hack-up the fiberglass board and watch the pieces sink to the bottom, finally throwing my machete in and watching it disappear under the surface.
There was nothing left of her, the blood on my hands rinsed off easily in the water, and there was no mess at all.
She would never be found. I headed back to the dock, turned the boat facing open waters, set the throttle on high and watched it disappear out to sea. If it was ever found it would be a miracle.
Finding a couple of hunks at the party to fuck while reliving the scene in my mind was the grand finale and fed the fire that my carnage created.
Never, ever piss me off to the point of no return.

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