No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded

guided masturbation big titsWhen my car broke down, I did not panic. Being a sexy woman, someone always stops to assist. Almost immediately a handsome stranger came to my rescue.  He fixed my car. I wanted to give him a special thank you, so I unzipped his pants to give him some thank you head.  Fuck my life. What was staring me in the face wasn’t anything to brag about. I so wanted to laugh at him. He had a pathetic clit stick, but he did just rescue me. But then again what good are standards if one doesn’t adhere to them. I pulled away, apologized, made up the excuse that I didn’t feel right blowing a married man.

He complained that he was so hard. I laughed in my head. Hard? How could he tell? It was THAT small. Still, I rarely feel bad about humiliating small cocks; they deserve it. But kindness needs to be repaid, so I masturbated for him, and guided him on how to stroke himself for me. We played a little guided masturbation game called “Red light green light.” I told him to stroke his cock and how to do it, but if I said red light he had to stop. Green light meant go again. I teased him, until his little nub looked like a big swollen clit.

I played with my pussy too for him. After a little tease and denial, I let him cum. Normally, I would be like your tiny pecker doesn’t deserve to cum. Rescuing me means you deserve to cum, but a small cock means you don’t deserve to cum by my hand!  I am all about paying it forward, but a girl has to have standards. Do a good deed and have a big cock? Can fuck me all you want. Do a good deed, and have nothing but a nub? Can touch yourself all you want. Do nothing for me, and have  nothing but a nub? Be prepared for a world of humiliation, denial and likely some forced feminization.

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