Fetish Phone Sex WHORE Wendy is Shameless

fetish phone sex

No matter what a man’s pleasure always comes first, especially if that man is my Master. To him, it shouldn’t matter if I’m freezing cold and soaking wet. I’m his bitch and I should suffer through it and do as he says. If you were my Master, I would be the most obedient little whore you’ve ever seen. You could piss on me and spit on me, but I wouldn’t get upset. It might shock you, but I would actually beg for more.
I actually need it. I need that pain and humiliation to keep me in line. Without it I just turn into a crazy, shameless slut. Seriously! I will just hope on dick after dick like the typical slut I am. I have such an insatiable appetite for cum, I just can’t help myself. It’s true. That’s why I need you. A girl like me needs to be locked away in cage and kept away from the rest of the world. You know it’s the truth. Don’t feel guilty for a second, you know I deserve it. I’m begging for it. The only thing I’m good for is being a sweet little cum dumpster for you and your friends.

fetish phone sex

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