Next Generation of Awesome!


I was out shopping today and I ran into Mike; an old friend of mine. Well, I should say an older lover of mine. He was much younger when I knew him. The boy across the street who loved peeking on me, and loved the MILF I was back then. I was his first lover and taught him everything I know! Today he was walking with his son. A strapping young man who looked so much like his dad did at his age! Mike introduced me and then got that knowing look in his eyes. He asked If I could use any help around my house. See Mikes son Dane was available if I needed him. Danes faces was shocked! I guess he couldn’t believe his dad just volunteered him. But of course we both knew why. Mike wanted me to make a man of his son. And of course I took him up on his offer. Dane was not to happy to help but he showed up on time. He wasn’t eager until I took off my robe and was standing in front of him in my little bra and panties. Then all the sudden he was MORE than happy to help. And the first thing he helped me with was taking off my bra. Then he helped me by sucking on my nipples. I could tell he didn’t know what he was doing but that is what I am for. I gently took his cock out and slide it into my mouth. I showed him how good it could feel when I sucked it. How I could swallow every inch. I let him shoot his load right in my mouth! Then I sucked on his balls till he was ready again. I couldn’t just let him leave without teaching him how good my pussy felt!!! But lessons like these take a long time to learn. And I expect he will be back quite a lot! I wonder if he will figure out how much his dad loves him!

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