New Years Festiviities

I love New Years Eve with my family. About 11 o’clock all of the ladies start stripping clothes off while the male cousins help dad prep the big water bongs and hukkahs. My big titty Aunts go around kissing all the younger boys and slipping them the tongue and a few pills before the hot tub gets going. I always sit on my favorite uncle’s lap and whisper really nasty things in his ear while enjoying the feel of his growing hard on under my ass. My sister and I always treat him at midnight because of his huge cock. Grandpa is in the corner snorting coke off my aunts naked ass which is propped high up in the air for all to see. My cousins take turns exploring her hairy cunt with their fingers in between grandpa’s lines. My older brother loves doing body shots off my huge tits while my little sister puts because her boobs are so tiny. I really get turned on when the cops raid our little party and it takes them 45 minutes to strip search mom in the back. When they come out of the back the cops are in moms lingerie and dad pours them all drinks that they share over the pile of my families naked bodies. The party is always loud and festive and the local cops always show up for the count down….5, 4, 3, 2, 1….Happy New Year!!! In our family incest and family fun are all part of the holiday traditions!


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