New Toy for Us

I bought a new vibrator today, thinking you might not be coming over. To my surprise you showed up at my door just as I was putting the new batteries in. You saw it in my hand and immediately began grabbing at my breasts, taking my dress off. I started to lay the toy down on the table – definitely ready for that real cock of yours, but you grabbed my wrist and told me to keep it. You said you wanted to watch me play with the huge vibrating dildo.

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My pussy started to drip at the thought, and you lead me to the living room and laid me back on the rug and told me to pretend you weren’t even there. I was so horny, I just did as I was told, and spread my legs wide, making sure you got a perfect view of my tight pink pussy. You sat back on the couch and watched, stroking your cock nice and slow. I began rubbing the vibrator over my nipples first, getting them hard and giving myself the chills.

My hips began to grind instinctively as I ran the huge toy down my stomach and to my clit. I let it rest there gently and give me vibrations through my whole body. I started moaning and I heard you begin stroking harder as you watched. I fucked my tight cunt with the huge cock and pumped it faster and faster as I got even wetter from the size and vibrations. I cranked it up to full speed and rubbed it up and down the outside of my pussy lips, teasing my clit to no end. I felt the orgasm start to creep up my back, and as I came all over my new fake cock, I felt you real one enter my throbbing cunny as you climbed on top of me and finished the job….

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