Married? Who Cares?

What is it going to take to get you to cheat on that bitch wife of yours? I parade around in front of you at the office every day in the shortest skirts and highest heels I can find. I catch you looking – I know you want some of my tight pussy. I see you when you rearrange yourself in your pants as your cock starts to grow just thinking about what is between my legs. Today at the meeting I caught you staring at me and licked my lips, showing you my long soft tongue and how it could swirl around that dick of yours.

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But you haven’t made a move yet. I am getting bored of the good boy routine. I don’t give a damn about that ring on your finger. My taste for married men is something I love dearly. I know how hungry you get when she just won’t give you what you need. You need a true hot slut to satisfy your sexual fantasies. You need someone to confide those dirty thoughts to, and someone to make them all cum true. I am your girl, and now I just have to get you alone.

I sneak into your office while you are out at lunch. I strip naked, and place myself on the couch in the corner of the room. I look at your desk, and there is a picture of you and her smiling away, like there is nothing missing. But I know better. That smile in that picture isn’t real, but as soon as you return from lunch I will make sure you are smiling from ear to ear. I start rubbing my clit while I am waiting, making sure I am nice and wet for your arrival. I want that cock and I am going to suck you and fuck you so good that you become an addict.  Oh wait… is that the door handle turning…?

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