New Lessons!


This Gilf needs some action! I have been in such a kinky mood lately. Ever since that boy from next door wandered over here and begged me help him. That is how he said it.. Help him. He is so horny and he just doesn’t know what to do. I love to teach the young boys how to stroke and use that dick to make everything ok. And this young man needed a lot of teaching. I could tell the second I crabbed his dick he was a virgin. How he sucked in his breath and his whole body was shaking. I knew I had to buy some time to really have fun so I jerked him enough to cum and then stroked him till he got hard again. I wanted him to have time to enjoy what I was gonna due to him. I Licked every drop of cum off his young dick. Then I rubbed his balls and dipped my pinky into his tight little whole as I swallowed that dick. I thought he was going to suffocate with how hard he was breathing. I guess I need to slow his lessons down a bit! I made him cum 3 more times before I let him go. He is supposed to cum back today for a new lesson!

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