Special delivery

Its hard to believe someone built like me.  With these big beautiful tits and nice round ass. Someone as smooth and sex as I am Someone  who looks like me has a big hard pulsating  cock!  My cock is throbbing for some good hard fun! I am looking for a little sissy slut who can swallow this gorgeous dick of mine. My body is ready to be worship by your tongue! I really work hard to make sure this rocking hard cock is ready to stretch out your mouth and then move right down to your tight little pussy whole! That’s right Im going to ream out that pussy of yours till I give you ever single drop of this hot creamy cum! I am going to sing a little song for you while I give you this cock! ” I know what boys want. I know what boys need. I know what boys want, Its all my hot seed! ” That’s right boys Open Wide! I have a special delivery for you!

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