Naughty Daddies Girl

Today was so much fun I knew I needed a good spanking for being the bad girl I have been lately. So, I purposely invited two guy friends over to have a good time about 10 minutes before I knew my Daddy would be home.

We were in the middle of me being on my knees and sucking his rock hard throbbing cock, when I heard the front door open. I did not care I just kept sucking it harder and harder making loud slurping noises. Daddy came in yelling asking me what was I thinking acting like this in my mothers house. I just smiled and winked at him. He made the  guys leave.

Daddy said you are going to be punished for this I can not let you keep being out of hand. I told him Daddy come on I am old enough I am a adult now you can not spank me as I saw him take the big paddle out of the drawer.

He made it clear to me. (well at least he thinks he did) that the rules in his house are to be followed and it does not matter how old you are if you live under his roof you obey. He bent me over his knee pulled my school plaided skirt up and pulled his arm back and gave me three hard swats till my butt was nice and red. He thinks I learned my lesson but really it just made my pussy yet.

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