National Masurbation Month

Oh Glory! Give me a reason to jack my dick endlessly for a month. Like I need a reason? Look at this glorious monster of a cock I have. I know Big Ben loves it….wink wink baby!
So in honor of National Masturbation Month I am planning a trip to Philadelphia for the first annual Masturbate_A_Thon. Yes darling it is real, and you really should try to cum! What a clever little pun! I am especially looking forward to the Creamium Game show at the end of the celebration and hope I can win some prizes!
To get things started I visited an antique sex toy museum. Yes darling they have one of those as well, and it was fabulous! It was so hard to keep my dick from rising to the occasion as I looked at all the glorious toys and imagined what it would be like to play with them.
My soldier also paid attention because he was very happy with the progress we have made in the sex toy industry!
Ha lovey you know how hard it makes you cum when a good vibrator is shoved up your ass and tickling that prostate while you shoot all your glory into a wet and waiting mouth!
Delicious darling, just divine!
So my friends masturbate, jerk that cock and juice that pussy and as the great RuPaul says…Don’t Fuck It Up!

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