Cum Everywhere!

May is a very special month.  Yes, there’s Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, but what makes this month so special for us is something else…  May is National Masturbation Month!  To celebrate, I vow to think of you and touch myself at least twice…every day!  That means I will make myself cum, no matter where I am – at work, in a restaurant, at the mall… anywhere!

I’ll have to make a special trip to our favorite toy store, to stock up on playthings for the times when I’m at home alone.  But, when I’m out and about, I promise to imagine you are with me, touching me, kissing me, whispering in my ear.  I’ll reach inside my panties and massage my sweet spot until I’m nice and silky.  Then, I’ll imagine my fingers are your wonderful love-muscle, and I’ll stroke my sugar walls until they clench my fingers in orgasm.  I won’t care who is watching my pretty face twitch and my body convulse when I climax.  This is something I promise to do just for you.

Hopefully, you’ll join me in celebrating this month, and pump out some warm man-juice at the mere thought of me masturbating for you.  Give me a call, so we can cum together.

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