Tiny Disgusting Penis=Castration

From time to time, I choose to entertain myself with those who seek chastisement, degredation, and or torture.  I am secretly amused and disgusted by small penises.  In my opinion, they serve no purpose, except to be laughed at, tortured, and removed.  I will never forget John.  He did not realize just how truly worthless his little penis was, until he met me.  He had introduced himself to me via email; sending pitiful photos and the rest became history.  Today John does not have a penis.  I removed it for him and burned it, right before his eyes.  I left him in the hotel room and not too long after which, he was rushed to the hospital.  3 months later, John informed me that he would have gender reassignment surgery and thanked me for helping him.  I do what I can, when I can *laughs*.

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